Tree Service Mustang, Ok

We’re a local, licensed & insured, affordable tree service company right here in Mustang, Oklahoma. We do tree trimming, tree removals, stump grinding and more. FREE Estimates

Tree Service in Mustang Oklahoma

Tree Service MustangWelcome to our tree service in Mustang, Oklahoma. We are a licensed & insured, affordable tree service company right here in Mustang. Whether it is preparing for a tornado, having a tree trimmed, needing a tree removal or just tree maintenance, our Mustang tree service can help. We have helped both, homeowners and businesses, remove dangerous trees, trim ones that need maintenance, service others and plant live new ones to replace the ones removed for them. We are a full service tree company that also does land clearing, stump removal, emergency tree removals, storm damage work and more. Call us today for a FREE estimate! 405-544-3918.

Tree Trimming in Mustang Oklahoma

Trimming a tree is more than just cutting off some branches. There are many things to remember when trimming a tree. Although it might look like a tree service company is only cutting off a branch, there is a lot of thought that goes behind the tree trimming. For example, how will it effect the rest of the tree. It’s good to trim a tree during its dormant season. Is it that season? Also, What’s the width of the branch? the diameter of a tree branch determines whether it should be removed or not. Branches that are really thick should not be removed without a good reason. It is always much easier to prune or trim a trees branches when they are young, as this will ensure that the tree grows healthy and strong over time. 

Tree Removal Mustang, Ok.

It can sometimes be difficult to know if a tree Tree removal in mustang Okneeds to be removed or simply trimmed, that is why it is best to call a local, tree removal company in Mustang to have them look at it. Usually there is no charge for them to come out and you get a professional second opinion on the tree.

If you have a dangerous or unsightly tree or trees in need of removal, call us, don’t attempt it on your own. Attempting to remove a tree from the ground in a residential area is often dangerous and can be foolish without experience. It’s not worth the risk of endangering yourself or others. When professionals do a tree removal in Mustang, they have years of experience, the proper equipment, other team members and the technical to make split-second decisions. Most trees in residential areas need to be taken apart piece by piece in order to be removed safely – even by us. This is because the tree has a good chance of falling on power lines, fences, even houses. Plus your escape route can be limited. This means that if something goes wrong, your options for escaping the tree can be limited and dangerous.

A little history about Mustang, Oklahoma

The town of Mustang was not formally established until Charles G. Jones, former mayor of Oklahoma City, filed the plat in November, 1901. During that same year, the Oklahoma City and Western Railroad (acquired later by the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway (Frisco) built a line from Oklahoma City to Chickasha that passed through Mustang.